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School Trip ideas Yorkshire

Yorkshire is a brilliant place to enjoy a school visit, whether it be for the day of for a residential trip. If you're looking for lots of exciting activities, you can't beat High Adventure, located on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales.

We've created a list of some of the best school visits in Yorkshire to help you plan your next school trip.

If you're looking for an action-packed, fully organised school trip in Yorkshire then High Adventure is a great choice. Located on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, surrounded by countryside, High Adventure offer a fully organised activity residential. You can choose from an on-site activity programme that makes use of their extensive onsite activity facilities (climbing, high ropes, indoor cave maze and more) or choose to combine their on-site activities with a range of off-site activities which range from real caving to water sports. You can find the full list of activities on offer via the website

One of the real highlights of booking a trip with High Adventure is that you can also see the local area as part of the trip, which really makes the most of your visit.

Accommodation is in clean and comfortable dorm rooms, some with en-suite and you'll enjoy home-cooked meals as well as an evening entertainment programme. There are plenty of indoor social areas and the centre is well geared for all year round visits.

Find out more about High Adventure at

Malham Cove

Malham Cove is a huge curving amphitheatre shaped cliff formation of limestone rock. The vertical face of the cliff is about 260 feet high. It was formed by a waterfall carrying meltwater from glaciers at the end of the last Ice Age more than 12,000 years ago and has been fascinating visitors for years.

Interestingly, Malham Cove is where wizards Harry and Hermione camp out whilst trying to evade and defeat the evil Lord Voldemort, a fact that is much loved by visiting school children!

When you book a trip with High Adventure, you can include a visit to Malham Cove as part of your school residential.

Combine your trip to Malham Cove with a visit to Malham which is just 0.6 miles away.

Find out more about Malham Cove here.

Goredale Scar

Not too far from Malham Cove is a place called Goredale Scar. Gordale Scar is one of the jewels in the crown of the National Park, This awesome hidden gorge at Gordale has wowed visitors for hundreds of years and inspired famous artists and writers.

Like Malham Cove, this impressive natural feature was formed on the Middle Craven Fault. Unlike the Cove, however, the torrents of glacial meltwater that flowed over it cut down through faults in the rock. Successive Ice Ages have carved it deeper and deeper over thousands of years to create the deep gorge we see today. It was not formed by a giant cave collapsing as some have suggested. However, several smaller caves collapsing over the centuries probably contributed to the gorge being so deep.

When you book a trip with High Adventure, you can include a visit to Goredale Scar as part of your residential.

Find out more about Goredale Scar-

Historic city of York

With a variety of visits oozing in history and culture, York really does have something for everyone!

No trip to York is complete without a visit to the Jorvik Viking Centre containing lifelike mannequins and life-size dioramas depicting Viking life in the city. We also recommend one of the world’s most magnificent cathedrals- the York Minster. This truly inspiring cathedral will amaze you with its beauty, history and incredible gothic architecture.

Holocaust Centre, North Huddersfield

The Holocaust Centre tells a global history of the holocause through local stories of survivors and regugees who made new lives in the North of England.

You can explore their learning programmes here

As you can see there are some great school visits on offer in Yorkshire. Make the most of your trip here by booking a residential school visit with High Adventure who will take care of all the planning and arrangements, include all your activities, accommodation and food and take you off-site to see some of the fantastic local sights. Find out more at

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