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Book Your School Trip With Confidence

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

With just £500 to pay before your trip and a balance payable after you've travelled, you can book a High Adventure trip in complete confidence.

High Adventure is a well established school trip provider with over 20 years experience and as former teachers ourselves, we pride ourselves on putting teachers first and making things as easy as possible. Our business has been built on trust and recommendation, with the vast majority of our schools returning year after year. This is because we take good care of teachers and pupils who travel with us and provide exceptional service before, during & after your trip.

We know that Covid-19 has caused many issues for schools and cancelling school trips has caused schools difficulties, with refunds hard to get hold of from many of the larger providers. This wasn’t the case with schools who booked with High Adventure and won’t be the case in the future. Why is that?

Here at High Adventure, we only ask for a very low upfront deposit and your balance is paid AFTER (yes after) your trip, which makes booking a High Adventure trip, particularly in these uncertain times, very easy to do. When we say you can book with confidence, we really mean it as pretty much all your trip money stays with you until you’ve actually been on the trip. On top of this, we are proud to say, we refunded all the deposits we received in advance, unless schools wanted to transfer to another date (which many did, thank you!)

As former teachers ourselves, we know that numbers can change right up to the last minute and so to make things really easy, we just invoice you after you’ve visited us. The High Adventure way, is the best way for schools. As it should be. We’re open again from the 17th May and are taking bookings for this summer and beyond. Get in touch today and let’s get those kids back out having adventures again!

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