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Activities on the 2 night Winter Special School Trip

Find out what you'll be doing on your 2 night winter school trip with High Adventure!


We have 10m high purpose built indoor and outdoor climbing walls. A safe yet exhilarating environment suitable for introducing pupils to a new and exciting challenge. Sessions offer challenge, communication, and trust development in a safe, fun and encouraging environment. Pupils will develop a sense of responsibility when actively belaying peers under the expert eye of our qualified instructors. Fun games and challenges will be used to ensure that everyone feels a sense of pride and achievement when they finish their session.


Our Abseil wall is 10m High and accessed via a platform inside our dedicated climbing wall. Pupils will take on a personal challenge requiring courage, confidence, and trust in the team around them. Walking backwards down the wall suspended from the roped safety system pupils control their own speed of decent whilst backed up by our expert instructors using a second independent control rope. Support, encouragement, and motivation will come from the rest of the group helping develop strong relationships. Rounds of applause and big cheers are guaranteed, a challenge to be proud of.

Moon Walk

Your team has to make their way around the Moon Walk course using just themselves and the crates provided, avoiding the obstacles en route, avoiding losing and of their equipment, without stepping on the floor and without earning any forfeits. Think of it as a variation of The Floor Is Lava where planning and teamwork are vital to succeeding.


Our dedicated Bouldering facility is designed to provide the excitement and challenge of climbing at a level much closer to the floor, thus removing any fear of heights. The boulder wall is at its highest 2.5m with a deep filled crash mat covering the entire floor. Pupils will work with a spotter to ensure safety whilst learning climbing techniques and skills that will then be put to the test with a series of fun games and challenges. A great confidence builder in a fun and safe environment.

Marble Run

All your team has to do is get a ball (we’ll start easy with something bigger and slower and work up to the marble) from where the instructor lets go of it and drop it into the bucket a short distance away. Sounds easy right?... the problem is that the ball can only touch the piece of guttering each team member is holding, you can’t move when it’s in your piece of guttering, the bucket’s too far away for them to reach in one go and that’s all before we start putting obstacles in your way.


A high energy, fun competition. An excellent way to explore the surroundings and can be offered both on our site for younger pupils or at local off site venues for the older and more adventurous pupils. An introduction and practice of map reading skills will be followed by pupils working in pairs or small teams to locate and find control points as fast as they can. A great activity for improving decision making, planning, communication, and burning off some energy.


Following an introduction, children receive coaching for their first arrows, until they are confident and have the skills needed to get arrows on target. Children use bows appropriate to their size and strength and everyone taking part in archery sessions must always follow the safety rules for the archery range. We take care to ensure that, after initial coaching, a good pace to the session is maintained with maximum activity levels; ensuring the children always get to shoot plenty of arrows and have heaps of fun. As the session develops, the skills learnt through expert coaching are put to use in tournaments and fun based archery games & challenges.


The team is split into a couple of smaller groups each of which is given a set of stompers, think two giant skis with rope handles attached for each person. Then all they have to do is be the first group to navigate the course set out for them without falling over or tripping over each other. Co ordination and leadership is key to making progress on this one.


With blindfold in place the children put one hand on the rope and then follow it wherever it goes; guided by their non blindfolded partner for safety, forging strong bonds of trust and communication skills. Games and activities are played prior to the Nightline to maximise the group’s chance of success in working together and helping one another. Discussion of the senses and developing communication and teamwork

throughout the group can provide many educational benefits on this session whilst having great fun and a lot of laughter along the way.

Spider's Web

Just get your team from one side of the giant spiders web to the other… the problem is that you can only use each gap in the web once, the gaps are all different sizes and you can’t touch it! A quite physical and hands on activity where your team will need to come up with a good plan that works with everyone’s strengths and abilities.


A team, craft activity. Can your group construct something from the materials earnt/provided to make sure your egg survives a fall from height? The least sucessful team is likely to be helping with cleanup duty!


Always one of our most popular sessions; an indoor underground maze, bringing caving indoors. Two levels of passageways and chambers with obstacles along the way. Pupils will explore the maze trying to find locations and different exits; with the lights on to learn the labyrinth’s secrets then the lights off to increase the challenge for those who want a little more excitement. Games and team competitions during the session ensure heaps of fun and big smiles during this unique activity.

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