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Pro-active Education

ProActive Education is a distinctive educational programme for disaffected young people who are at-risk of exclusion.

This unique service is designed to further your school’s inclusion policy; enabling the vital skills of communication and interaction with others through utilising an alternative curriculum of outdoor education.

ProActive Education is an encouragement-based programme, which helps push a students boundaries by taking them out of their comfort zone and motivating them to excel in alternate activities. Activities can include the likes of Mountain Biking, Caving and Climbing; all of which require high levels of communication and problem-solving.

Sad children

At High Adventure we strongly believe everyone is entitled to education that can meet both their social and learning developmental needs. 

Alternative provision such as ProActive Education, can help improve motivation and attendance; addressing problems that can often lead to students being excluded.

As with all our services, we provide bespoke programming designed to fit the needs of not only your school, but the individuals themselves. We strive to focus on the well-being and progress of each student. 

Each of our instructors are trained in dealing with confrontation and behavioural issues as well as confidence building. 

ProActive Education ensures the following:

Flexible programmes to suit your needs and requirements

Fully trained and qualified instructors

Pick up and drop off from your school (within a certain radius)

Daily verbal & termly written learner progress reports

Qualification options:

We are an Edexcel approved centre which, as part of an alternative curriculum one day a week, can deliver BTEC Level 1 Sport over 1 school year.

Groups can alternatively create their own bespoke programme which provides recognition of student success via the AQA Unit Award Scheme.   

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