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What High Ropes activities can you do on a school trip with High Adventure?

Our High Ropes activities are always enormously popular with the schools that visit us and are great to enjoy all year round.

We have a number of exciting high ropes elements including Gladiator Challenge, Leap of Faith, Crate Stack, High All Aboard and Zip Wire.

Pupils benefit from these activities in a variety of ways. They build confidence, encourage team working skills, improve physical and mental fitness.

Children love to climb so these activities are also a lot of fun!

Find out more about these high ropes activities below.

1. Gladiator Challenge

Up to 3 children can race to reach the top of our vertical 8 metre gladiator challenge; Climbing tyres, nets, rope ladders and poles to reach the top. To ensure maximum activity levels the rest of the team help control the ropes under the expert supervision of our instructors. Creating a strong sense of teamwork and responsibility, a great personal and team challenge with everyone involved developing confidence and trust within the group.

Watch a video of our instructors doing the Gladiator High Ropes Challenge

2. Leap of Faith

Our Leap of Faith Activity really challenges pupils and what a sense of achievement you get when you jump off the platform!

Climb up to stand on a platform around 8 metres above the ground, then leap off and catch a bar which is dangling a short distance in front of you. That is the challenge that you face on our leap of faith; you are of course roped on in harness and helmet and therefore safe throughout.

The skill, patience, experience, and all round personality of our instructors ensures every child is given the absolute best coaching and support to complete this challenge. The excitement and high level of personal challenge makes this an immensely popular activity session; great for developing confidence and resilience.

Watch this video of our staff doing the leap of faith high ropes activity

3. Crate Stack

Pupils need to think outside the box with creative thinking, construction and design, teamwork, and communication. Pupils must build a tower of interlocking crates as high as they can whilst 3 pupils stand on top of the tower as it grows higher and higher. Teams will rotate through each role seeing who can build the highest tower. Smiles, laughter and personal confidence will all be found in abundance as the tower wobbles a little more each time it grows.

Watch this video of our staff participating in the crate stack activity

4. High All Aboard

All about trust and communication, teams of 3 pupils will work together to reach the top of our 6m pole, balancing on the small top platform requires clear communication and strong team co-operation. Trust and support are the key words here. The challenge is complete when all team members are balanced on top of the pole.

5. Zip Wire

Zip wire is a real thrill activity, which is great for group support and encouragement, individual confidence, and achievement. Flying across the length of our site big smiles and laughter are guaranteed. Children wear a helmet and a full body safety harness, as they do for all our high ropes activities. They are roped on from the moment they leave the ground, with rigorous safety standards carefully employed by our instructors throughout.

Watch this video of our staff doing the Zip Wire activity

To find out more about all of the activities available at High Adventure, visit our Activities page!

If you're looking for your next school adventure & would like a quote, please email us at

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